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Getting married in Seattle? Chad Savaikie Photography is a portrait studio located in Auburn, WA, and photographs in the Seattle – Tacoma area and is available world-wide.

We could write some clever prose on how much we love weddings and the love between two people, that we will perfectly capture your day through beautiful photography, that I was born with a camera in one hand, that I have a lot of passion for photography, but it just seems fake. Of course we will photograph the important moments–almost any wedding photographer can do this for you. Almost any photographer can turn over a bunch of images on a USB flash drive and say, “Here you go! Here’s thousands of images! Have a nice life!”

We’re a bit different.

We believe that your wedding should exist in the physical world, not some plastic flash drive. That’s why every wedding collection we offer includes an album. These albums aren’t tiny, but include 30 beautiful pages. Otherwise, if photographed twenty years ago, you would receive your images on a floppy disk, so I hope you saved those floppy drives!

You shouldn’t need to wait months to get your images. Our wedding photographer took almost six months to get our photos to us and we only booked him for an hour. You get to see your images in about two weeks after your wedding.

Read on to learn about how we do things and to see samples of our pricing and our work.

How it works

Let’s Meet

Come meet us at my home and studio in Auburn, WA. It may be a bit of a drive from Seattle, but it will be well worth it! Hang out, grab a beer, some wine, coffee, and let us show you our beautiful albums and photography.

Engagement Session

The next time we meet will be for your engagement photo session, included in all of our wedding collections. We’ll make you look your best and it’s the best way to ease into the world of professional photography. There is no hassle or worry and your photos will be ready in about two weeks.

Wedding Day

We made it this far! Let us document the day and get those important photos your parents want and the photos you truly want. Enjoy your special day–we’ll take care of you.

The Reveal

In about two weeks after the ceremony, come back to our place, enjoy champagne, and watch a slideshow we put together of your wedding. We’ll go through some of the images and design your album.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to book a session, please go to the Contact page or give us a call at (253) 231-7950