Wedding planning: how to select your wedding party and guest list? This is part 2 of a series helping you plan your perfect Seattle wedding.

Wedding Planning: The Wedding Party

Selecting your wedding party can be very difficult and a big source of stress. There are family politics, which friends make the cut and which don’t, how many people should be in your wedding party, and many other things to consider!

On average, there are around eight total. For smaller weddings, you should err on the side of smaller, rather than a larger wedding party. If you have more guests, having twelve on each side isn’t unheard of! Regardless, you can have as many in your party as you want, or none at all.

Before making the invitation to someone join your wedding party, make certain you want that person to serve in that role. Once you offer a position, you cannot take it back. There are many other positions in larger weddings that you can include, such as ushers and the ring bearer.

More people in your wedding party isn’t necessarily better. The logistics of a wedding are difficult enough, but more matching dresses and tuxedos will need to be obtained, wedding transportation becomes more problematic, and coordinating schedules for a large group of people for bachelor and bachelorette parties is hard.

Finally, don’t forget your future in-laws in the wedding party. You can invite anyone you want, but consider your current brothers and sisters as well as your future brother and sister-in-laws to join in.

Wedding Planning: The Guest List

Your guest list will be directly related to your budget (see the previous article on helping determine a wedding budget). Remember, there is a multiplicitive effect in adding a guest–they may have a plus one or children that may attend.

Make sure not to forget the following groups in your guest list:

  • Immediate family
  • Distant family
  • Friends
  • Co-workers
  • Family friends (friends of your parents, etc)
  • Plus ones and children

Children of guests will add to your overall totals. If you do not want children at your wedding and/or reception, make sure you clearly point this out on your save the date and wedding invites. Also consider having activities for children to do at your reception if you include them.

Next week, my wedding planning post will be about picking your wedding colors and theme. Do you have any advice on who to add to your wedding party and guest list? Please email me at or Contact me.

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