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My goal is to be open and honest about wedding photography pricing. Instead of the traditional route of paying by the hour or packages that don’t exactly fit your needs, I made pricing simple. Tell me about your needs and your wedding day and I offer customized packages giving you what you want.

What sets us apart from every other wedding photographer?

Value. Our products are unrivaled. But in order to appreciate the quality of our leather bound albums or our more traditional photo books, you need to see and feel them for yourself. Schedule a consultation to see the quality for yourself.

Speed. In just two weeks after your wedding, you get to view your images and make selections for your album. Some of our packages include all digital files and you get them on presentation day–no holding your photos hostage like some horror stories you’ve heard of.

Service. We are with you every step of the way. The wedding photography business should be a friendly, trusting, and personable one and we strive to meet those expectations in everything we do.

We don’t have “one size fits all” packages or use a “small, medium, or large” pricing scheme. We listen to what your needs are, make some suggestions, and custom build a package designed for you. No two wedding customers are the same and none of our packages are the same. We also work within your budget and design solutions catered to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't you give me a f*@!# straight answer about pricing? How much do you cost?!

It completely depends on what you want. I’ll give you a quote based on what you want and what you want to spend. Sometimes that number is really close, sometimes it’s far apart. But I can tell you my price has been as low as $400 for a simple weekday elopment at the courthouse and formal portraits thereafter to over $5,000 for a full day, extra photographer, video, and our best album.

What about prints and wedding invitations?

Since you haven’t seen your images yet, it’s difficult to order prints before your wedding. Before you sign a contract with us, you’ll get our entire pricing sheet showing all of our products above and beyond your package. Two weeks after the wedding, come back to our studio to review your images and you can order wall art. You are not obligated to buy anything.

Do you offer any discounts?

We occasionally offer discounts on our Facebook page, our email list, and at bridal shows. We also offer something special for referrals, so if you invite friends to hire us, make sure they let us know who sent them!

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