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My goal is to be open and honest about wedding photography pricing. Instead of being nickel and dimed on things you really want, I put together several packages commonly asked by our clients.

Sometimes you might not know what you really want. Until you see your photos, how can you select how many prints you want?

What sets us apart from every other wedding photographer?

Value. Our products are unrivaled. But in order to appreciate the quality of our leather bound albums or our more traditional photo books, you need to see and feel them for yourself. Schedule a consultation to see the quality for yourself.

Speed. In just two weeks after your wedding, you get to view your images and make selections for your album. Some of our packages include all digital files and you get them on presentation day–no holding your photos hostage like some horror stories you’ve heard of.

Service. We are with you every step of the way. The wedding photography business should be a friendly, trusting, and personable one and we strive to meet those expectations in everything we do.

Prices start at $999 for six hours of coverage. All of our wedding collections come with a 30-page album, edited digital copies of all the images from the album to share, an engagement photo session, and at least 50 wedding invitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is wedding photography pricing so varied?
Photographers charging a really low price are normally part time and are either working for someone else or have full time work that may interfere with your wedding experience. We are full time photographers and why we can deliver your first look at your wedding photos in two weeks after your wedding.

Photographers charging less often times aren’t in a position to have backup cameras, lenses, and media cards. If anything happens on your day, you may be out of luck. Equipment failures can happen at any time. We have two cameras and a third as a backup if anything should happen. All of our cameras have two memory card slots to serve as backups.

Photographers should also carry insurance, both indemnity and liability. We are covered up to $2 million.

Most photographers only offer digital copies of your images. Corruption in media, whether it be a scratch on a DVD or a bent pin on your USB flash drive will wipe out your most cherished memories. All of our collections include a custom designed album (we also give you the digitals).

What kind of service are your receiving? Photographers charging less will need to cover more weddings in order to make enough money or already have a job and are photographing weddings as a side gig. More weddings means less time to dedicate to each couple, often leaving couples frustrated.

Do I get all the digital images from my wedding?
Our most economical collection comes only with edited images you select for your album (about 45 images). Most of our wedding collections, in addition to the edited images for your album, include all the digital files. These are unedited and delivered on a USB flash drive, about two weeks after the wedding. Any image you purchase after the wedding as a print includes the digital copy of the edited image to keep and share on social media.
What about prints and wedding invitations?
Since you haven’t seen your images yet, it’s difficult to order prints before your wedding. Before you sign a contract with us, you’ll get our entire pricing sheet showing all of our products. Two weeks after the wedding, come back to our studio to review your images and you can order prints then. You are not obligated to buy anything other than the collections listed above.

All of our packages include wedding invitations. If you do not want to use us for your invitations, we can easily apply them as thank you cards for after the event.

Can I get a discount if I remove something from a collection?
No. These collections are offered at a steep discount and we can’t offer a discount on top of a discount.
What if I don't want an engagement session?
You’re not obligated to do the included engagement session, but we highly recommend that you do. Many of our couples don’t have any experience in being professionally photographed and it helps to get to know us, our style, and how to look your very best on your wedding day. Consider this a practice session that both of us will get a lot of benefit from.
Do you offer any discounts?
We occasionally offer discounts on our Facebook page, our email list, and at bridal shows. We also offer something special for referrals, so if you invite friends to hire us, make sure they let us know who sent them!

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If you have any questions or want to book a session, please go to the Contact page or give us a call at (253) 231-7950.