About Chad Savaikie

As I’m writing this, I don’t know anything about you or what transpired to bring you and your fiancé together. I hope you will allow me to capture your special love story in your unique way.

My own story began the day I met my wife Aly. We had our own unique adventures and trials to get us to our wedding day. The first time we met, it was like reliving a 1980’s fantasy, at a mall food court drinking Orange Juliuses. We spent many sleepless nights texting each other when we were away. After a year getting to know her, I hid her engagement ring in a copy of Grey’s Anatomy (she’s a nurse and has difficulty with anatomy), having cut out a hole in the pages. And under the summer sun with a brisk Pacific breeze, we eloped on a sandy beach in Oregon. Since then, I legally adopted my stepson and now have a daughter of our own.

I’ll find the beauty in every stage of your wedding day, from getting ready, the anticipation for the first look, the tears of joy at the ceremony, and the energy of the reception. My job is to be an artist, a historian, a trouble shooter, and your friend on your wedding day. It’s a job I take seriously.

Chad Savaikie and family
Chad Savaikie

Fun facts about me

  • We have two dogs (Sebastian, Kassidy) and one rabbit yet to be named. It’s not like two kids aren’t a handful enough!
  • I once owned and drove a Smart ForTwo (for being a big guy, the car was pretty roomy).
  • I’m an avid cook and baker, but for some reason I’ve never baked a cake from scratch.
  • I ran the Portland Marathon in 2014. Unfortunately, I parked on the top floor of a six story parking garage and the elevator was out of order. I had to climb all the way up to get my parking ticket out of my car, walk all the way down to pay for it, then climb back up to drive home.
  • Cilantro tastes like soap to me. I’m also not the biggest fan of chocolate.

About the Studio

Chad Savaikie Photography is located in Auburn, WA. We have a full studio setup, a variety of backgrounds, and a viewing area to look at your photos on our 90″ projection screen.

chad savaikie photography studio
chad savaikie photography studio

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to book a session, please go to the Contact page or give us a call at (253) 231-7950