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Photos by Chad is your premier portrait and wedding photographer.

hi there!

I’m Chad Savaikie.

I’m a dad, I’ve been a professional photographer since 2014, and my obsession is taking alluring photography and providing a full service photography studio for my clients.

I grew up in Seattle, went to school here, and am happiest enjoying the great outdoors and all the gifts our area has to offer.










I’m not your typical photographer

What makes me unique is I am a full-service photographer. I don’t show up, take a bunch of photos, and email you some photos. I start with the end in mind: what do you want from your photography? Is it an album for yourself or for family? Need help decorating your home with wall art of your family? Want a way to tangibly remember your special wedding day? Full service means I’m with you every step of the way.


Newborns & Family


Dahlia & Grant say:

“Chad was absolutely AMAZING! His photos were fantastic, his service was wonderful, and made the whole process FUN.”

Rebecca & Carl say:

“Chad Savaikie is amazing and super fun to work with…Chad was very accommodating and very professional. He worked well with our wedding planner during the weeks leading up to our wedding. He also had photos ready for review very quickly after the wedding!”

John & Cherrie say:

“Chad was an amazing photographer and the experience was amazing! He helped us plan our wedding day and was very accommodating to our needs, our families’ needs, and able to take wonderful photographs. Within two weeks, we got our images back and treated us to a slideshow set to music in his studio and gave us champagne!”

Hannah & Robert say:

“His albums were absolutely amazing and we booked him on the spot! We were invited to his home studio to review the photos in under two weeks after the wedding! He put together a slideshow and took a small amount of video from the wedding. What a surprise!”

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